Thursday, December 14, 2006


How do Italian crime writers pack so much plot into 200 pages?

What can I say about Day After Day by Carlo Lucarelli except WOW.

I might try to describe it as Day of the Jackal meets Prime Suspect, or a sexy Italian Henning Mankell. But Carlo Lucarelli is my kind of crime writer melding noir, psychology, weapons, and an interesting protagonist with a dedicated detective in a rapidly moving but thoughtful novel.

Inspettore Grazia Negro and her team try to track down a ruthless professional killer, who has begun to leave a picture of a "pit bull"[a cross breed of a bulldog and a terrier] at the scene of his crimes.

When a young man encounters "Pit Bull" in an internet chat room he unwittingly starts a chain of events that gives Grazia a clue to her target.

I know chasing professional killers has been done before, and some of the plot seems familiar, but this book is a very superior crime thriller with excitement, suspense, deep characters, and lots of bodies.

"Dottore, no-one's answering the phone at the villa, either."

"Why?" he said, wondering out loud. "Where are they?Have they left? What did they do? My men......"

"Stop, Dottore," Grazia said, bending down to look for the siren under her seat. "Your men are dead."


Blogger Nela San said...

How do Italian crime writers pack so much plot into 200 pages? It's a challenge, Uriah! And even more, now two of our Italian biggest Lucarelli and Camilleri, they packed together in one single crime novel into 120 pages. It's the last Thursday arrival on bookshelves of "Acqua in bocca". With Montalbano (speaking in Italian) and Grazia Negro investigating together (or better to say) challenging each other. Not read yet but sure lot of curiosity on it.
Should you want to know more, can pass my blog coordinates.

7:11 AM  
Blogger Uriah Robinson said...

Thanks very much I can't wait for the Camilleri-Lucarelli to be translated for English readers.

10:59 AM  
Blogger Nela San said...

You can read more how was coming out the idea hereunder:
and, can tell you that past week Lucarelli announced he's already on his way of writing a new crime novel. I'll keep you informed what my neighbour is doing, if you like.
By the way, my region is quite inspiring and have a lot of crime novelists and a new entry very promising.

1:49 PM  

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