Monday, December 04, 2006


A very pithy intelligent parody set in an imaginary country which has a strange resemblance to.........

Inspector Rogas, the shrewdest investigator the police have in their ranks, is sent to investigate the shooting of District Attorney Varga. Then Judge Sanza and Judge Azar are killed. Is the perpetrator out for revenge for some injustice, or is this a conspiracy.
Rogas begins to track down the suspect, but then he is transferred and the political establishment encourage him to put the blame on the Left. The Left is not entirely pure, backed as it is by rich intellectuals and wealthy capitalists.

Nothing is clear in this Leonardo Sciascia fable written in 1971, but with frightening relevance in todays troubled times.
"ideologies are reduced to policies in name only, in a party politics game in which only power for the sake of power counts."


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