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I watched The Witness, the final part of the second series of the Swedish Wallanders a few days ago.

The Witness involved a human trafficking trial, and subsequent threats to prosecutor Katarina Ahlsell [Lena Endre] and Kurt Wallander [Krister Henriksson].
Young Pontus and Isabel had gone off to new postings, and did not appear in this story.

The eponymous witness is a young child, who sees the ultimate result of exploitation of Lithuanian workers by Swedish employers, and middle men with Slavic names. The Swedish judicial system does not seem to be able to cope with this new breed of criminal.
At the end of the episode Katarina decides to move back to Stockholm, and Kurt faced by the prospect of more loneliness makes a decision.

I have read that Krister Henriksson does not want to make any more Wallanders, so this was a bittersweet finale to an excellent series.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Norman - It certainly sounds as though it was a terrific series. We don't get that series here, so I shall have to look for DVDs.

9:21 AM  
Blogger Uriah Robinson said...

Blogger seems to be playing up and not registering comments on the blog?
I dare not look at the DVDs of Scandinavian series available at Amazon as my bank balance is not up to such trauma.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

discshop.se has Wallander cheaper than amazon. but not every dvd has english subtitles. :(

if you missing Kurt this group on facebook is very good.

Jonas x

11:00 AM  

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