Wednesday, December 12, 2007


With winter having well and truly arrived, and the nights having closed in I have set a testing quiz to keep you busy.

If anybody actually gets all the right answers there will be a prize, the winner will be able to choose from a small selection of books by some of the really great crime writers.

If no one gets all the answers right by New Year's Day I get to keep the books! There's a challenge for you.

I have also decided to delay posting about my choice of five best reads as I had forgotten [it's my age] that the excellent Eurocrime posts the reviewer's choices in the New Year. I am incredibly "chuffed" to be included among this entertaining and friendly bunch so I won't rock the boat.

I will say that I haven't got round to reading The Big O by Declan Burke [who blogs at Crime Always Pays] as I am saving that up to cheer me up over a particularly dismal January weekend, otherwise I am sure it would be in my top choices for this year.
The questions will be posted next............


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