Saturday, December 15, 2007


Firstly I am not going to reveal my top European reads until they are posted on Eurocrime in the New Year.

But there were two books that were outstanding from the crime fiction I read from beyond the European continent.

My posts on the superb Tomato Red by Daniel Woodrell can be read here if you scroll down.

The media go on about the US subprime mortgage market, and I wonder if the banks really lent money to redneck dreamers like the Merridews, and then bundled them into a financial package to sell on to other bonehead institutions. The money lost by the big banks would buy an awful lot of trailer parks in the Ozarks.

The other book was The Broken Shore by Peter Temple, which was a brilliantly honest story about detective Joe Cashin and his attempt to solve a murder complicated by racial and social problems in a harsh Australian setting.

I will aim to read a lot more of Peter Temple in the future.


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