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I have started to read Betrayal by Karin Alvtegen and am finding it rather dark, disturbing and depressing. That is not so say that it is not excellent psychological crime fiction, but I have not yet found even a small spark of humour in the book.

The very short winter days are probably one cause of the very high suicide rates in Scandinavia.

But in theory countries in which there is not such a large gap in wealth between the rich and the poor should be happier and more content. This is another book that puts that myth to rest, and reveals in the lives of the two main characters Eva and Jonas how loneliness and alienation can lead to desperation.
Sjowall and Wahloo, in their classic sequence of books, revealed for the first time that all was not well with the Swedish socialist paradise, and Karin Alvtegen carries on that theme in this dark tale of revenge and general despair.
Details about Karin Alvtegen's books, and some the reasons for their dark mood can be found at:
"the so-called Welfare State abounds with sick, poor and lonely people....." Sjowall and Wahloo: The Locked Room 1973


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I just read the "personal" section of Karin Alvtegen. I was put off by it at first. I mean, who wants that much angst and depression? But that feeling passed quickly. I suppose her account humanizes what I might read in her fiction.
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