Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I am now reading Day After Day by Carlo Lucarelli which features Inspector Grazia Negro. The beginning is fast and furious with plenty of action, and bodies.

Born in Parma, Carlo Lucarelli is considered to be one of the best Italian mystery authors. Journalist, playwright, author of movie scripts and professor of creative writing, his first book Carta Blanca was published in 1990 and is based on a university thesis on police work during the Republic of Salò. This was not only the start to a successful career but also the first of a series of three detective stories based during the various periods of the Fascist regime ending with the birth of the Republic of Italy and featuring Inspector De Luca. Winner of numerous Italian mystery awards, he has also written two further series: the first with Superintendent Coliandro, a type of Dirty Harry made in Italy, and a second with Inspector Grazia Negro hunting for serial killers. Lucarelli has also written mysteries for children and has a successful television program on the Italian State Channel that revisits and analysis unsolved murders. His books have successfully been translated into French.



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