Thursday, February 24, 2011


You can see my 2010 top Eurocrime reads here at the website.
They were:
Hypothermia: Arnaldur Indridason translated from the Icelandic by Victoria Cribb.
Three Seconds: Anders Roslund & Borge Hellstrom translated from the Swedish by Kari Dickson.
Murder at the Savoy: Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo translated from the Swedish by Joan Tate
The Snowman: Jo Nesbo translated from the Norwegian by Don Bartlett
The Woman from Bratislava: Leif Davidsen translated from the Danish by Barbara J. Haveland

and just missing out were.
Red Wolf: Liza Marklund translated from the Swedish by Neil Smith
Bad Intentions: Karin Fossum translated from the Norwegian by Charlotte Barslund

No surprises there as they are all translated Nordic crime fiction.

But my top non-European reads during 2010 were more varied in location as they were set across the globe in Australia, Brazil,, South Africa and Argentina:

Blood Safari: Deon Meyer translated from the Afrikaans by K.L.Seegers
Needle in Haystack: Ernesto Mallo translated from the Spanish by Jethro Soutar

My top reads set in England were:

and the most surprisingly enjoyable book of the year, Five Little Pigs by Agatha Christie, which had so much more characterization and social commentary than I expected.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Norman - Thanks for sharing these. You've chosen some terrific reads. And isn't nice to be pleasantly surprised by how good a book is? I love that feeling!

9:10 AM  
Blogger Maxine Clarke said...

Great lists, Norman, and having read all but two of your choices, I agree that these are worthy selections. (I think I probably did read the Agatha Christie but too long ago to remember; sounds as if I should try it again now.)

10:24 AM  
Anonymous kathy d. said...

Thanks a lot for posting your best 2010 reads.

Will write some down, and may move "Murder at the Savoy," higher up on my TBR list as well as the Leighton Gage book.

5:50 PM  
Blogger Dorte H said...

Fine list.

I should have had Hypothermia on my TBR, but I mixed up the titles (having read the one before it in Swedish) so instead I have two copies of Arctic Chill - in two Scandinavian languages.

I must read that Christie book; her best novels are remarkable.

9:20 AM  

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