Thursday, April 29, 2010


Gerard Brennan of Crime Scene NI and Mike Stone have edited a new anthology of crime fiction which could be subtitled Irish crime, Irish myths. Mike in his section of the foreword written in emerald green Stoke-on-Trent refers to himself and Gerard as 'a couple of upstarts'. Well the upstarts have done very well collecting together these 17 short stories written by some of the biggest names in Irish crime fiction, and Maxim Jakubowski.
The stories are divided into three groups Ulster, Myth, and Fianna.
I have only had time to read Queen of the Hill by Stuart Neville and if the standard of the other stories is only half as good this is a collection not to be missed.
With Ken Bruen, Brian McGilloway, Adrian, McKinty, Arlene Hunt and others contributing prepare to be frightened.
Publication date 1 June, 2010.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Norman - Thanks for sharing this. It sounds like an excellent collection, and I'll have to keep my eyes open for its release.

5:11 AM  
Blogger Gerard Brennan said...

Good man, Norm! Much appreciated.



6:48 AM  
Anonymous Lisa Brennan said...

In the wise words of your little big sister- Whooo Hoooooo!!! xx

1:43 PM  

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