Friday, June 06, 2008


I have been very busy relocating my mother in law [97 next week] in a residential home and clearing out her flat.
It is like sending a child off to boarding school and wondering whether they will get on alright.
Will they make friends? Will they like the food? Why are the fees so huge?

Anyway I am off to dip my toes in a crime fiction convention for the first time. I will be at Crime Fest in Bristol tomorrow, which should be interesting as on my infrequent visits I always seem to try some shortcut that worked when I last lived in the city in 1968! Needless to say it is now one way, the wrong way, or a dead end. 

Karen of Euro Crime did mention on her blog that I would be at Crime Fest.

'I'll be meeting up with some of the usual suspects-Petrona and crimeficreader- but also for the first time with Mr Crime Scraps and Declan from Crime Always Pays.'

I noted that I was referred to as 'Mr' obviously based on my great age in comparison with young Declan. His Princess Lilyput hasn't had her pram/vehicle towed away at the cost of £260 yet!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love all who are mentioned here!

Great to get together at long last, ALL of us. But also missing Peter who remained in the US!

What a lovely weekend it turned out to be. If I have one criticism, it's that we did not manage to find more time together (for which I am a major defendant).

Gaps between events were 30 mins, but if you sought a book signing the time was reduced, drastically.

We blogging groupies ought to have a shin-dig somewhere, sometime, in the real world, when all of us can make it and enjoy one another's company, as I'm sure we would.

3:14 PM  
Blogger Kerrie said...

I hope you enjoyed Crime Fest Norman.
I envy you being able catch up with some of my "online" friends.

BTW did you notice a couple of Aussies in the shortlist for Duncan Lawrie (Colin Cotterill- The Coroner's Lunch) and Ian Fleming (Michael Robotham) awards? - do look out for SHATTER!! I finished reading it today on the long flight(15 hrs) from Abu Dhabi to Sydney so my review will be on my blog in the next day or so - hopefully jet lag doesn't strike too fiercely - we have the 2hr flight from Sydney to Adelaide to go yet - doesn't go out for another nearly 3 hours though.
I've got the latest Elizabeth George to keep me company :-)



3:35 PM  
Blogger Uriah Robinson said...

Hi cfr, I agree I really enjoyed my one day and hopefully next year if I am still around I will book for the full weekend and stay in Bristol. Especially as my son told me about the excellent Jamaican food available in Bristol. Ackee and salt fish, Jerk chicken and Curried goat !

hi Kerrie, I was lucky enough to get a Colin Cotterill in my book bag. More on that later.....
Bristol has changed since I lived there in the 1960s but the Clifton Suspension Bridge is still beautiful and still a temptation for some as in Shatter.
15 hrs flying would be too much for me that is longer than London to LA or Phoenix my longest flights. Have a safe journey home.

9:36 AM  

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