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Karen at Euro Crime posts that: 

Euro Crime's Camilleri expert, Norman Price, strikes again as he reviews the latest Montalbano novel- The Paper Moon- which he says is "another little gem."

My Italian speaking friends might say that if I have reached expert status in anything then 'The tombs shall open, the dead shall rise'. A line from the Italian national anthem quoted in the book, and used to express astonishment.

Andrea Camilleri's The Paper Moon, translated from the Italian by Stephen Sartarelli, is the ninth Montalbano mystery to be published in English and it is one of the best. 

What other translated crime fiction authors have kept such a uniformly high standard in a long running detective series? 

August Heat, number ten in the Inspector Montalbano series will be published early next year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have only skimmed your review as I am about three books behind you in the series, so will come back to it (and the previous) when I've caught up. But I am glad to see that it is worth looking forward to! Marvellous series, I agree.

Per Wahloo and Maj Sjowall, authors to whom you introduced me, I believe kept up their standards for all 10 of their books though I have only read the first 3 so far (delights are in store I am sure). It will be interesting to see how Camilleri does once he cracks the "10" barrier after August Heat.

7:42 AM  
Blogger Uriah Robinson said...

I think you have the best of the S&W books to come Maxine. The Laughing Policeman and The Locked Room are two of the best.

Camilleri and Montalbano are growing older together and becoming more mature like a good cheese.
I see no signs of a reduction in their powers, but then I am an addict.

3:15 PM  
Blogger minus said...

This is the first, and probably the last, book I've read by this person. At first I was turned off by the clumsy, almost amateurish writing, but decided that may have been the translator's fault. But the story was so predictable. I figured out who did it about 20 pages in, but kept reading because I thought maybe it was a red herring.
My friend recommended this author - I won't be taking anymore of her recommendations.

10:42 PM  

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