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6) How was an author of a Roman epic unaffected when a detective changed his name?

Paul Newman starred in the 1966 film The Moving Target as Ross Macdonald's detective Lew Archer. But because of Newman's lucky-H superstition the name Archer was changed to Harper.

Lew remained as the first name and this was derived from Lew Wallace, Civil War general and author of Ben Hur.

7) Who was requested to go to the Court of the Pope, and what was the connection with Lebanon?

I am a bit embarrassed by this one as in trying to make the question more difficult I perhaps made it impossible unless you knew the exact part of the story it refers to.

Court of the Pope=Pope's Court and Lebanon is Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

I took the paper from him and read as follows:


On account of the bequest of the late Ezekiah Hopkins of Lebanon Penn., U.S.A.....

All red headed men.........Apply in person on Monday , at eleven o'clock, to Duncan Ross, at the offices of the League, 7 Pope's Court, Fleet Street.

The Red Headed League, Strand Magazine 1891, Arthur Conan Doyle

8) Who in the world of crime fiction worked as a:

Professor of Forensic Pathology:
Bernard Knight [Crowner John mysteries]
Professor of Medical Law:
Alexander McCall Smith [No 1 Ladies Detective Agency]
Professor of Mathematics:
Professor James Moriarty
Professor of French:
Sian Reynolds [translator for Fred Vargas]
Professor of Anthropology:
Kathy Reichs [Temperance Brennan]

9) How are a system of metal pipes, hounds crossing a river, and a saintly Milanese bishop connected?

I am surprised this one gave trouble; Milan's patron saint is Ambrose, and the Italian Banco Ambrosiano famously collapsed in 1982.

The Domenicans known as Blackfriars are also referred to as domini canes, the Hounds of the Lord.

In 1982 banker Roberto Calvi was found hanging from scaffolding [a system of metal pipes] underneath Blackfriars Bridge.

10) Guns play a big part in crime fiction but in real life who said:

You can get much further with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.

Chicago gangster and tax dodger Alphonse Capone.

And When I hear the word ***** I reach for my Browning. What is the missing word and who said it.

The word was 'culture' and it was said by Hermann Goering.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I think part two would have stumped a PhD, Professor and Nobel Laureate of Crime Studies ;-)

Fiendish doesn't begin to describe it. Byzantine bamboozlement?

1:10 PM  
Blogger Uriah Robinson said...

I love your phrase 'Byzantine bamboozlement' and wish I'd thought of it. ;O)

1:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I didn't copyright it and even if I had, you are very welcome to it, so I give it to you as a present ;-)

11:06 AM  
Blogger Uriah Robinson said...

Thank you Maxine, because at my age so many more things are 'Byzantinely bamboozling' and I will need it frequently.
In fact I could create a new utensil called the Runciman spoon for stirring Byzantine complexities that have bamboozled me.

With apologies to Edward Lear and Sir Steven Runciman after the Milton Keynes incident I don't want to be told by a classicist it is a runcible spoon. ;O)

12:02 PM  

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