Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I heard an excellent performance by Gianrico Carofiglio on Simon Mayo's BBC Five program this afternoon. He was in London to promote Reasonable Doubts [reviewed here on Crime Scraps], but despite being constantly interupted for non-news from Moscow, he answered some of Mayo's inane questions with charm and good humour. He also gave us some fine insights into the character of his creation the lawyer Guido Guerreri, a man with vulnerabilities and a surprisingly caring side to his nature.

Gianrico told Simon he had been an anti-Mafia prosecutor, and was then asked "Is that a dangerous job?"

"Not really Simon I just had four bodyguards, and the use of a specially armoured car."

He did not reply in that tone, and was far kinder to his interviewer than Guido Guerreri would have been.

He did promise us more books, and I have his next The Past is Another Country on order.

An interview well worth hearing if it appears on the online BBC Radio 5 replay.


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