Monday, January 08, 2007


A pensioner shot his love rival after they met at an allotment to discuss their relationship with a sheltered accommodation warden.
Reuben Bettis, 68, opened fire on Derek Hammersley, 67, in Orsett, Essex, Basildon Crown Court heard on Monday.
He asked to meet after they both fell for 60-year-old Irene Williams, who worked where they lived.
Judge Philip Clegg adjourned sentencing but said Bettis, who also admitted possessing the gun, would be jailed.
Both men - thought to be retired dock workers - lived in a sheltered accommodation block at Tilbury, Essex.
Mr Hammersley was hit in the hand and stomach from a double-barrelled shotgun Bettis had borrowed from a friend.
Mr Hammersley needed surgery and doctors considered amputating his hand, the court heard
[from BBC news]

Lupara- A sawn off shotgun traditionally the weapon of choice among the mafiosi and bandits in Scicily.


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