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In a discussion on Petrona on the 27 December concerning why we like blogging one comment by Steve Clackson added "life experience" to Petrona's formula.

hobby + job skills + anyone can do it + life experience= blogging

I suppose you could say the blog useful part of my "job skills" involved years of listening to a lot of other peoples life experiences.

While my own life experiences involve a lot of circumstances that I could well have done without.

I once even lost a job to someone, who a few months later became a murderer.

But as a complete break from the heavy crime novels and history books I read, we watched the charming romantic comedy Elizabethtown on Saturday night. With the very pretty Kirsten Dunst, it is nice to see an American movie star who does not have pefectly straight teeth, Orlando Bloom and the delectable, delicious Susan Sarandon this is lightweight and amusing stuff.

I also enjoyed it even more because we must be two of the very few people in the UK who have actually been to Elizabethtown.

You just can't beat life experience.
Fools say they learn by experience. I prefer to learn by other people's experience: Otto von Bismark

Back to crime fiction on my next post.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just curious you understand, Norm: but when did you get to do all that listening?

No doubt you've had plenty of open-mouthed people in your company, but in circumstances when they couldn't really speak?

Having asked that, I've previously had two dentists who loved to chat before treatment, especially if there was an injection waiting to take affect. One was Mr Holistic Dentistry with an interestingly probing intellect when it came to psychology. One was Mr Normal who just loved to chat to patients and hum along to the radio at the same time (almost). I, lop-sidedly tried to maintain the conversation.

And, in the hope that my current dentist never makes a link (or four) and sees this: he likes to talk and tell me how good he is. I just lop-sidedly listen and think of the bill and what it might contribute to his next home improvement plan...

I may have started out in dental-treatment-life with an absolute humdinger of an NHS piece-meal-paying chaser, who used the dosh to pay for private education for his kids and more, but I've come across some great dentists since.

They're an under-rated asset and a lesser known species that deserves more appreciation!

I've never knowingly let a murderer peek at my premolars though. Are you able to elaborate on this crime fiction styled dropped clue, Norm?

6:01 PM  
Blogger Uriah Robinson said...

Well Rhian I was one of those holistic-like to chat-with people dentists, which is probably why I never made the kind of money dentists are expected to make. People were happy to talk before and after treatment, sometimes talking was an antidote to the stress of treatment. They used to say that we weren't like a "proper dentist" because they were not scared.
I also sat on a number of dental committees and on those you hear about a lot of problems.
The case of the murder was very shocking and I still after nearly 20 years can't believe it happened.
I was looking for a part time job after I moved to the West Country while I looked for a book shop to buy! I wanted to work 4 days and after an interview was taken on athtis particular practice. But before I could start AD who I already knew quite well was also interviewed and given the job to work full time. I was sacked before I had even started.
AD's son and mine had played together, and we had visited each others houses, and to cut a long story short a few months later he shot and killed his wife. He then went and killed himself, and his son was left overnight with his mother's body. I nearly fainted when I saw the headline in our local newspaper, because it is the sort of thing you read about but never think it is going to happen to anyone you know. We still had some of the young boys toys in our house that he had left a couple of weeks before the murder-suicide.

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is indeed a shocking story.
Thanks for elaborating.

3:22 PM  

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