Tuesday, January 23, 2007


from BBC News 19 January 2007

Key evidence in the trial of 29 Italian police officers charged over violence during the 2001 G8 summit in Genoa has vanished, police say.
Two Molotov cocktails allegedly planted by police in a school used as a base by anti-globalisation protesters can no longer be found.
The bombs are seen as crucial physical evidence against many of the defendants in the high-profile trial.
The police are accused of brutality and perjury over a raid on the Diaz school.
The petrol bombs - expected to be a key piece of evidence in the case - were due to be presented in court this week.
Prosecutors now fear that the case could collapse, allowing many of the high-ranking defendants to walk free.
Rounding The Mark was published in Italian in 2003 and the opening pages detail the anger felt by Montalbano at the police actions in Genoa 2001. This report from 4 days ago shows that Andrea Camilleri knows his Italy, and his books have a relevance and message beyond just fiction.
furba gente: cunning people
Fatta la legge trovato l'inganno: no sooner is a law made than someone will find a way round it. [from The Dark Heart of Italy, Tobias Jones]


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