Friday, January 26, 2007


The Inspector Salvo Montalbano Mystery Series(Translated from the Italian by Stephen Sartarelli)
The Shape of Water (#1) (La forma dell'acqua)
©1994English Translation©2002
The Terra-Cotta Dog (#2) (Il cane di terracotta)
©1996English Translation©2002
The Snack Thief (#3) (Il ladro di merendine)
©1996English Translation©2003
Voice of the Violin (#4) (La voce del violino)
©1997English Translation©2003
The Excursion To Tindari (#5) (La gita a Tindari)
©2000English Translation©2004
The Smell of the Night (#6) (L'odore della notte)
©2001English Translation©2005
Rounding the Mark (#7) (Il giro di boa)
©2003English Translation©2006
The Patience of the Spider (#8) (La pazienza del ragno)
©2004English Translation©2007

Not yet translated from the Italian
La luna di carta (#9)
La vampa d'agosto (#10)
Le ali della sfinge (#11)
La pista di sabbia (#12)
Il campo del vasaio (#13)

Those are golden words to be enjoyed and savoured with relish: "not yet translated from the Italian".

Although I have read six of the Montalbano stories I realised that I had missed The Terra-Cotta Dog, so while I wait for The Patience of the Spider I will have another Camilleri to enjoy. It looks like more work for translator Stephen Sartarelli, or Italian lessons for me.


Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

I have just read the first fifty-seven pages of The Smell of the Night astonishingly quickly. That's some gorgeous, heart-tugging and funny stuff. I may have to post about it soon.

P.S. I posted a comment weeks ago to your "Concrete Possibilities" post. I hope no organized-crime figures pressured you not to publish it.

Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

5:50 PM  
Blogger Uriah Robinson said...

No,sorry Peter I never received your comment on that post. That leading crime figure Don Blogger Malfunctionione has struck again.

I agree with you about The Smell great stuff and great characters......actually the title has been changed for us more refined British to The Scent of the Night.
Are the publishers crazy, or do they imagine all of Britain is like some genteel Cotswold village?

2:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am half way through Shape of Water. All you have said about this series is true. Wonderful.

(You can always switch off "comment moderation". Because of the captcha filter, you are safe, and it is one less thing to go wrong. I don't have "comment moderation" on, and becuase of captcha (the funny letter thingy) I have never had any spam getting through to comments.

(Trackbacks, that's another matter-- I do have comment moderation on for those, but I don't think they affect you as last I heard, Blogger doesn't support Trackbacks.)

Returning to the point at issue, I have bookmarked this post as it is a very useful list! I've just been on Amazon ordering the next few of the series, as they are currently selling the earlier ones for 3.99.
Great. (BTW, if you are an Ian McEwan fan, his new book is already available there for 7 pounds something, even though it is not officially out until next month. I've ordered that too. One of the few authors I will buy in hardback, sight unseen.)

3:45 PM  

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