Monday, September 25, 2006


Peter Robinson's Alan Banks in A Piece Of My Heart has moved on from fry ups to M&S Vegetarian Lasagne .

Donna Leon's creation Guido Brunetti in Blood From A Stone is served a lunch by the gorgeous Paola, consisting of linguine with scampi followed by sole fried with artichoke bottoms and a rucola salad.

Italy 1 England 0


Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

Whose protagonist eats better: Andrea Camilleri's or Manuel Vazquez Montalban's? Why not put that question to your readers?

6:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too right!
I am the wrong sex for a start, but I always wanted a wife like Paola. However, i don't think she really works as a character because as you say she is totally gorgeous, excellent mother to her 2 children, a professor of literature, reads avidly, always has one of those meals you describe whenever Brunetti happens in.......galling!

10:05 AM  

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