Wednesday, September 27, 2006


This information from David's web site means that it looks like I have a long wait for any more Miguel Lienzo.

David Liss is the author of four novels, with more on the way.
His debut novel, A Conspiracy of Paper (2000) with its hero, the pugilist turned private investigator Benjamin Weaver, was named a New York Times Notable Book and won him the 2001 Barry, MacAvity and Edgar awards for Best First Novel.
David's second novel, The Coffee Trader (2003) was also named a New York Times Notable Book and was selected by the New York Public Library as one of the year's 25 Books to Remember.
His third novel A Spectacle of Corruption (2004) the sequel to A Conspiracy of Paper, became a national bestseller. David's latest novel, The Ethical Assassin (2006) is his first full-length work that is not historical fiction.
The Benjamin Weaver short story,
The Double Dealer (2006) was recently published in Thriller, an anthology edited by James Patterson. The next Benjamin Weaver novel, The Devil's Company, will be published by Ballantine Books in 2009.
David is currently at work on a stand-alone historical novel set in 1790's Philadelphia and New York, due in bookstores in early 2008, as well other projects including another installment in the Benjamin Weaver series.
Born in New Jersey and raised in Florida, David is, in fact, a one-time encylopedia salesman. He received his B.A. from Syracuse University, an M.A. from Georgia State Universty and his M.Phil from Columbia University, where he left his dissertation unfinished to pursue his writing career.
David lives in San Antonio with his wife and daughter.


Blogger Peter Rozovsky said...

Could be a long wait, all right. One suspects that Liss does not turn out novels at the pace of, say, Georges Simenon.

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