Sunday, October 15, 2006


You can read the Guardian article on Andrea Camilleri via a link at the excellent Eurocrime, unfortunately I can't get a direct link to work.

I must be on their restricted list after complaining about their Clark County, Ohio, caper.

The author recommends the books be read in the correct order:

The Shape of Water
The Terracota Dog
The Snack Thief
The Voice of the Violin
Excursion to Tindari

with The Scent of the Night, Rounding the Mark, and The Patience of the Spider to come soon.

I feel after reading the article that Andrea Camilleri, Leonardo Sciascia and Detective Inspector Salvo Montalbano are like three musketeers in the battle against crime, corruption, and the dark heart of Italy represented by Silvio Berlusconi and other interests.


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