Thursday, December 02, 2010


It is time for the Winter Quirky Quiz! After all there is snow outside Crime Scraps HQ, an unusual occurrence this close to the English Riviera, so it must be winter.
Please send you answers to by Tuesday 4 January 2011, and the winner and runner-up will be able to chose a book or DVD from a list of prizes.
I hope these questions are not to easy for my highly intelligent visitors.

1] Who are the crime writers in the two photos?

2] What is the cinematic link between Patricia Highsmith, and the British band Coldplay?

3] Who was "inquisitive, impetuous, alert, skeptical, pertinacious and resourceful"?

4] Which crime fiction books end with the words;

a) X as in Marx.
b) ........never retired from work and came to grow vegetable marrows.

5] Which crime fiction writer lost a name, the art of working together and a burial place when he crossed the Atlantic?

6] What is the link between:

a) Sir Max Mallowan and 10 Rillington Place.
b) Betty Joan Perske's first husband, and a dealer in ship's supplies.
c) A place of worship and a Celtic people.

7] How are transport to a music festival, biblical daughters, a lengthy conundrum and a path through trees, all linked to a Maltese Jew?

8] Who was going to "stop at Marcini's for a little dinner on the way", and what was the connection to Yaakov Liebmann Beer?

9] A colourful British regiment should give you firstly a few clues that will lead you to the cinema versions of a 1944 crime novel, and the fictional scourge of the French Revolution, on to a 1942 British war movie and a Pulitzer Prize winning novel?
If you have found all the links you should have four matching pairs.

Good luck!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some friends and I are enjoying working our way through the quiz, but wonder if you could clarify question #9.

Do you really mean FOUR matching pairs? That would be eight items, wouldn't it? Since you refer in this question to four items, that you pair two and two, do you mean TWO matching pairs?

Also, are we correct in assuming you really do mean that the British regiment will provide a FEW clues to the items listed in #9? In other words, it's not something as simple as, say, the name of a colour in a regiment's name also being part of the title of the four items listed in #9.

11:15 AM  
Blogger Uriah Robinson said...

I am very pleased you are enjoying the quiz.
With question 9 firstly the British regiment provides more than one clue.
The word FEW was used deliberately.
If you find the links you should have FOUR almost identical pairs of words from the four items.
Good luck.

11:44 AM  
Blogger iasa said...

oh no, i go home for a few weeks, sans internet, and almost miss a fabulous quiz.

7:19 AM  
Blogger Uriah Robinson said...

Iasa, I am glad I posted a reminder. There is still plenty of time. :o)

10:59 AM  

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