Friday, September 04, 2009


I have decided that this will be the last of the miniquizzes because four brilliant and wonderfully loyal readers have pulled so far ahead of the field that even if I run another two rounds no one else would be able to get close to them. Well done!

The winner and runner up will get a choice of books, three for the winner and one for the runner up.

I will be devoting some time to working out further questions for another Winter Festival Quirky Quiz to keep you busy over the holiday period. That will be posted late November or early December, but now for the gunfight at the Crime Scraps mini quiz corral between contenders from Denmark, Virginia, Scotland and Texas.

The deciding questions are:

1) Which crime writer wrote "As a man gets older, if he knows what is good for him, the women he likes are getting older, too. The trouble is that most of them are married." A bonus mark for getting the book.

2) How might a member of a low Indian caste help you find the connection between a large timepiece and an impossible exit?

3) Can you view the dark resonance and deliver the answer that nominally links an assassinated president, a biblical brother and an English painter?

I hope these questions are an interesting, and all are welcome to attempt the miniquiz. Good luck.
Please send your answers to by midnight BST Monday 14 September.


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