Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Last month I was extremely chuffed to be nominated for a Book Blogger Appreciation Week Award in the category Best Thriller/Mystery/Suspense Blog. I understand that there are a large number of nominated blogs, many of a very high standard, so I do not expect to be short listed, but many thanks to whoever nominated me.

The criteria the judges will use to choose the short list are:

Quality of writing: ugh!
Diversity of content: I do flit around from subject to subject.
Audience engagement: Quiz questions.
Visual aesthetic and functionality: Unfortunately some people don't like black backgrounds and Crime Scraps is barely functional because I am too nervous to try anything much new as regard to bells and whistles.

I was asked to provide links to 5 posts, at least one of which had to be a book review, that I considered to be the best representation of my blog.
I found this to be a difficult task and I had only just over a day to make a purely subjective judgement on hundreds of posts.

I chose:

I thought this was a good range of posts but on second thoughts perhaps I should have found room for my by far most popular posting Who is Lisbeth Salander? Although the popularity of this effort has probably much more to do with its prime position on the Google search engine that any brilliant insights from me.

I was asked to provide information on other social networks used to promote my blog, and of course I mentioned our happy band at Friend Feed , the patient Karen at Euro Crime, who puts up with my idiosyncratic reviews, and my recent Twittering.
They also asked for any challenges or memes I host for the book blogging community so I mentioned my longer Quirky Quizzes [the next one will be due in November] and gave a link to my last Winter Festivals Quirky Quiz: Questions Conundrums and Connections.

The short lists will be announced on the 7 September.


Blogger Maxine Clarke said...

Well I hope you win, Norman, but even if you don't you remain my favourte male, retired health professional crime-fiction book blog! I love your blog, and long may it continue in the same vein and/or in new directions, whatever takes your fancy.

7:40 AM  
Blogger Uriah Robinson said...

Thank you so much Maxine.
If there was a special category for over 65s with beards and arthritis I might be in with a chance. ;o)

8:01 AM  
Blogger Dorte H said...

A great selection of links though I would have enjoyed seeing the Lisbeth Salander post. Especially because that was when we ´met´ - and I thought Uriah was your name!

I also wish you luck in the competition. I think it will be very difficult to enter the short list, but I will be ever so pleased if someone - no matter whom - from our room should get so far.

8:45 AM  
Blogger Uriah Robinson said...

I wish you good luck as well, and agree it would be nice for one of the room to be short listed.
Perhaps next year we should propose the Friend Feed Room for services to Crime Fiction

9:41 AM  

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