Sunday, August 09, 2009


The August Miniquiz 7 question 2 seems to have stumped people.
Mack in Virginia used the word stumped, we English will not be using any cricketing terms for at least 10 days following a very heavy defeat today by Australia.

I will be kind and provide two clues:

The question:

What is the connection between a southern Slavic Viking, a misleading small herring- like fish and the image of a small citrus fruit?

Clues: Dorte should have got this question right, and there is a link to the couple in the photograph.

I have made it too easy now. Answers to the quiz to be sent to by midnight BST on Monday 10 August.


Blogger Mack said...

Apologies for using the word "stumped" Norman. I was reading about the fourth test match yesterday so I have no excuse for my insensitivity. Flower says there is still a chance for England so buck up.

5:29 PM  

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