Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Crime fiction set in Weimar Germany is in vogue at the moment with two more books coming out this year. It must be the looming economic problems?
The encyclopedic Karen of Euro Crime drew my attention to the next book in the series to Marek Krajewski's intriguing  Death in Breslau titled End of the World in Breslau here.
I enjoy reading about quirky detectives, such as Adamsberg and Harry Hole, and Marek's Eberhard Mock is certainly a bit offbeat although well suited to his time and place.

You can read my interview with the Polish crime writer here and here

End of the World in Breslau will be published in March 2009.

And Rebecca Cantrell, a resident of Hawaii, has A Trace of Smoke, which is set in Berlin 1931 out in May 2009. Watch the excellent trailer here.

These two books both look to me like contenders for the CWA Ellis Peters Historical Crime Award. 


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