Monday, September 22, 2008


I almost forgot that The Big O by Irish author Declan Burke was published in the USA today. The crime caper novel The Big O must not be confused with the other Big O Senator Barack Obama. 
None of the characters in Declan's book resemble the professorial junior senator from Illinois who would surely be more at home in a Philip Roth novel. 
On the other hand Sarah Palin would appear to fit right in to the rumbustious shenanigans portrayed so brilliantly in The Big O. 
If only British politicians had one tenth of the charisma and eccentricity of these US presidential hopefuls our elections [when we have them] would be much more fun.

Fun is the word I associate with Declan's book and in my review I wrote that 'The Big O is a loveable rogue of a novel....' and great read. The full review is here
American readers should buy it now and it will give you at least something to laugh about during the election season.


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