Thursday, April 17, 2008


Fresh from my success at loading, or uploading, or embedding a video on a post this week I have despite my age been at it again.

I finally remembered how to add links and you will see two new additions in the side bar the Irish Crime Fiction blogs Crime Always Pays and Crime Scene NI. These guys certainly kissed the blarney stone as they have a real way with words, their blogs are a real pleasure to read as well as being very informative.

On top of this I have added a sitemeter that will show me where my five regular readers are located. If my hits, or whatever you call them, go up this may be because I have instructed my children and step children to log on to Crime Scraps at every opportunity.

I have a suspicion I might remove this item if it becomes too embarassing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, you will notice that Petrona does not have a site meter;-)
But seriously, five readers is all you need -- so long as they are the right five. I work for a publication which has hundreds of thousands of readers. Yet I find it very rewarding when one of my five readers comments on my blog. Horses for courses. A blog's online community may be small but no less perfectly formed!

12:13 PM  
Blogger Uriah Robinson said...

I agree Maxine and as my five readers have an average IQ in the region of 170 I am happy. Quality over quantity.

2:17 PM  
Blogger Philip Amos said...

I think Maxine is absolutely right and I'm glad you agree with her comment, Norm. I recently read two discussions re the ranking of classical music blogs and whether this should be based on number of 'hits' or number of 'backward links' (whatever they may be). Quite meaningless and irrelevant to me. I follow blogs in four areas of interest, and over time I've winnowed them so that I now look chiefly at about half a dozen in each area. The subjects are very different, but the blogs are not: they are notable for the intelligence, sense, knowledge and congeniality of the bloggers, and so too, by and large, of the people who post comments. The latter may seem to be small in number, but that may be because blogs of this character attract true connoisseurs rather than passing trade, and people who delight in conversation rather than rebarbative point-making on the hoof. Thus does a very happy sense of community, as Maxine so aptly calls it, develop. Jessica Duchen's Classical Music Blog, my favourite in that area by far, is a prime example of this, but that didn't deter The Times from listing it as one of the top blogs in any field, though how many hits or backward links it gets, I have not the foggiest idea. The pleasure afforded by your blog, Norm, as also those of Maxine, Peter, Declan and the others on my little list is huge, and I for one am grateful.

4:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you'll have fun reading your sitemeter stats. It never ceases to amaze me what categories and things people search for in Google. Also, the source of the visits. Someone from Jane's drops by my blog occasionally, which originally unnerved me a bit. Recently, I wondered if I was about to be sued: I've had two solicitor's firms and Tooks Chambers...

4:08 AM  
Blogger Uriah Robinson said...

Philip, thanks for your comments and I do agree with you that the congeniality of the bloggers and those who comment makes blogging such a pleasurable experience. I must admit I was more fascinated by the maps that showed where the hits were coming from rather than the number of hits. I have had one from Romania and another from Algeria.
I hope we can discuss next week The Times list of 50 greatest crime writers selection and I can pick your brain a bit more.

9:10 AM  
Blogger Uriah Robinson said...

Rhian, I have not yet explored all the items you can check on the sitemeter. I have been too intrigued by the world map, and the nice little national flags on the contact list.
I know how you feel about seeing solicitors names on anything and as for barristers! You can see the money disppearing from your bank account as you open the envelopes.
I was very lucky professionally but had some problems over tree convenants, not an experience i want to repeat. But once when I received a letter form a well known medical malpractice firm I sweated as I opened it to find out they wanted me to give evidence in writing against a local doctor. I have forgotten what happened I don't think I had any information they could get their fangs in to, but I did feel like Winston Smith in 1984.
Do it to him! that is interesting, it must be the title of your blog that brings those defence industry wallahs in.

I am now off to punctuate a 24 page essay, and then write another letter re the CARE Blackerton fiasco.

9:24 AM  
Blogger Gerard Brennan said...

Just catching up on some online reading, Norm. Thanksamillion for the link.


11:59 PM  

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