Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Thanks to Rhian at It's a Crime! [or a mystery....] for the news that bookings are open for the Hay Festival.

I do love Hay on Wye and we have stayed there several times but have never been to the festival. A very brief glance through the 84 page brochure gave me a clue as to why we have not bothered.

Among the speakers Tariq Ramadan, Salman Rushdie and Rt Rev Gene Robinson not at the same time I hope.
Ashraf Ghani, Afghan finance minister 2002-2004, speaking about Fixing Failed States and Cherie Booth QC speaking about Women's Equality, or should that be the other way round.

You can hear Cherie for £9, her husband had a 3-0 record in elections, but hearing ex President Jimmy Carter with a 1-1 record will cost you £50.

Luckily Bernie Gunther [in the guise of Philip Kerr] will be present to sort this lot out , and I hope he does not get too much of a feeing of deja vue and Berlin 1932.


Blogger Philip Amos said...

Norm, I just returned home with a fine pile of library books, but this week I don't expect to read a finer line than yours about Ghani and Booth. That is a gem.

11:05 AM  
Blogger Uriah Robinson said...

Thanks Philip.
Your comment made my day, although my wit can be better appreciated from beautiful BC.
Stuck here suffering that backlash from the Blair years, Gordon Brown's magical mystery tax tour it is bittersweet.
I am now off to vote in the local elections for modern day Eberts, Brunings, and von Schleichers, what a choice!
Thanks again.

1:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have booked the Kerr event (and almost all the events for crime/thriller fiction). I had no idea Carter was so expensive! At £50 he's more than half the cost of the tickets I booked...

12:12 PM  

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