Saturday, April 12, 2008


There were 135 signatures on the petition to save CARE village at Blackerton at the last count, with some very good comments from people all over the world.

But it seems the trustees and senior management are determined to close the village against the wishes of most of the relatives and residents.

The fight to save something of the Blackerton community spirit will go on but the once beautiful caring village now has a very different atmosphere. Many of the activities once enjoyed by the residents have one way or another been curtailed by events.

It is probably better that I don't say anymore at this stage as I received an email last week from a concerned relative telling me that a formal complaint has been made concerning the conduct of several members of staff and presumably investigations are taking place.

This is all very sad but inevitable when commercial decisions take priority over service users best interests. This is purely my personal opinion but an opinion possibly shared by many of the relatives.

I will continue to campaign for the very best result for the residents, and perhaps even the promised new "core village" with "state of the art facilities" might be built in the future.

All my other posts on this sad situation can be read here just scroll down.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to sign the petition.

Question: Is cost the driving force behind the current situation?

Answer: It is the decision of CARE to close CARE Blackerton not Devon County Council.

With regard the future options for people currently living at CARE Blackerton, Devon learning Disability Health & Social Care Partnership has a responsibilty to provide services that meet people's needs and to offer choices for accommodation and support.

Answer from Carolyn Elliott, Head of Learning Disability Health & Social Care Partnership , a very helpful lady who I believe will do her best for the Blackerton residents in difficult circumstances.


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